30 Easy Positive Thinking Exercises To Help Be Happy

Discover the power of positivity with 30 transformative activities. Dive deep into practical positive thinking exercises to reshape your mindset and enhance your life.

positive thinking exercises

In everyday life, it's easy to find ourselves bogged down by negative thoughts. Perhaps it's the negative news we often see on social media, or maybe the daily life stressors can sometimes overshadow the good things that happen.

Human nature, as it is, tends to focus more on negative words, negative emotions, and negative experiences. And yet, there's good news: cultivating a positive mental attitude is not only possible but can lead to significant benefits in both our mental and physical health.

Research and personal experience both affirm the power of positive thinking techniques in transforming our outlook. Engaging in positivity exercises, like gratitude journaling or even the simple way of taking a deep breath in stressful situations, can infuse our minds with positive energy.

It might seem like the easiest thing to dwell in a negative mindset, especially during difficult times. But switching our focus to the silver lining, embracing positive self-talk, and challenging negative self-talk can make a huge difference.

Physical activity, too, has been proven to help in fostering more positive emotions and dispelling negative thinking. Remember the last time you felt the rush of positivity after a long drive or a brisk walk? It’s no mere coincidence. It's the magic of positive thinking activities at play!


A gratitude journal, a vision board, daily positive affirmations, or even picking up inspirational books are among the best ways to actively nurture positive thoughts. Surrounding oneself with positive people, cutting down on negative social media exposure, and learning new social skills to express gratitude can also steer you towards a more positive outlook.

Let's not forget that positive words, positive phrases, and a focus on the positive side can effectively counterbalance the scales tipped by negative words and attitudes.

In this article, we'll explore 30 practical steps and exercises to harness the powerful tool of positive thinking. Whether trying new things, changing aspects of your daily routine, or simply remembering to look at the bright side during a major event, these exercises are tailored to infuse your daily life with positive energy.

So, let's embark on this journey together, embracing positivity one day at a time. Remember, every bad day has a positive side. It's just about finding it!

30 Positive Thinking Exercises and Activities

Here are 30 positive thinking exercises for you to try next time you're feeling negative. These are practices so it's a great idea to do them on a regular basis. That way you can develop a more positive attitude.

1. Morning Affirmations
Start your day with positive daily affirmations. Saying positive phrases like "I am capable" or "Today is a great day" sets a positive tone.

2. Gratitude List
Each night, jot down three positive things that happened during the day. Celebrating these little things boosts mental health.

3. Mindful Breathing
Practicing mindfulness by focusing on your breath, even for just a minute, brings you to the present moment.

4. Positive News Consumption
Spend more time reading or watching positive news. It offers a more positive mindset.

5. Challenge Negative Thoughts
When a negative attitude arises, challenge it. Ask yourself, "Is there another way to view this situation?"

6. Positive Imagery
Surround your workspace or home with positive images or quotes. They serve as instant mood boosters.

7. Talk to Family
Connecting with family members often reminds us of the positive aspects of our lives.

8. Embrace New Challenges
See new challenges as opportunities to grow, not obstacles. They're a great way to build resilience.

9. Positive Journaling
Dedicate a journal to positive experiences and achievements. It’s a tangible reminder of the great things in your life.

10. Visualize Positive Outcomes
Before a task, visualize a positive outcome. It helps in navigating difficult situations.


11. Daily Compliments
Give someone a genuine compliment each day. It uplifts both them and you.

12. Mindfulness Walks
Take long drives or walks without any destination in mind. Use this time to clear your head and appreciate the present moment.

13. Positive Phrase Reminder
Set reminders on your phone with a positive phrase. It’s a small interruption that can redirect a busy day.

14. Exercise Regularly
Physical activity is proven to reduce stress levels and elevate mood. It doesn't require hard work, just consistent effort.

15. Limit Social Media
Set aside specific times for social media to avoid cognitive distortions caused by constant comparisons.

16. Tackle One Thing at a Time
Multitasking can overwhelm. Focus on one aspect of your life or task at a time.

17. Meditation and Mindfulness
Engage in mindfulness practice. It grounds you, especially when thoughts spiral.

18. Avoiding 'All-or-Nothing' Thinking
Understand that making a mistake doesn't make everything bad. Avoid thinking in extremes.

19. List of Achievements
Whenever you feel down, write a list of things you've achieved, no matter how small.

20. Positivity in Diet
Consuming healthy food has health benefits that extend to your mental well-being.

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21. Challenge Yourself
Set small, achievable goals. The feeling of accomplishment provides a considerable boost.

22. Help Others
Doing something kind, even simple gestures, makes you focus on positive things. I've been using this one for a long time.

23. Stay Connected
Spend quality time with friends and family. Their support can turn a bad situation around.

24. Read Inspiring Stories
Focus on inspirational books or articles. They offer great positive insights.

25. Reflect on Progress
Celebrate your positive changes, no matter how minor. Recognizing growth is essential.

26. Stay Curious
Always be open to learning. It keeps the mind engaged in a healthy way.

27. Positive Self-talk
Counter negative self-talk by stating facts. Instead of "I can't", remind yourself of the times you could.

28. Music
Listening to uplifting music can instantly change your mood. Sing along for added benefits!

29. Laugh More
Seek out humor. Laughing is one of the best positive mental exercises.

30. Remember Past Successes
When facing a new challenge, recall past successes. It’s a good reason to believe you can overcome again.


Harnessing the power of positive thinking takes time and consistent effort. But with the above exercises, the journey becomes clearer and, undoubtedly, more enjoyable. Every small step you take toward positivity is a win in itself!

Something to Think About

Consequently diving into the realm of positivity may seem daunting at first. Certainly if negative thoughts have been a longtime companion. But the first thing to remember is that every journey begins with a single step. Incorporating positive statements into your daily routine and reflecting on the positive aspects of your life can slowly shift your mindset.

Each positive thinking activity, especially the following positive thinking exercises, serves as a bridge to a more optimistic outlook. Over time, the weight of bad things seems to lighten, replaced by a practical positive approach that becomes second nature. By taking that first step today, you set yourself on a transformative path toward a brighter tomorrow.

This post is all about positive thinking exercises.