Famous Life Coaches And The Best Ones To Learn From

In this post, you'll find a list of famous life coaches and some up-and-comers who are the best at what they do. Follow them, learn from them, and take your life to the next level. Maybe even find your next life coach.

famous life coaches

Let's start with a question for you. Have you ever felt like you're running on a never-ending treadmill, juggling life, work, and a sprinkle of chaos? Well, you're not alone.

This is where life coaches leap into action. Not with a cape, but with an arsenal of tools to guide you to your best version.

Imagine having a personal coach, a bit like Tony Robbins - or actually Tony if you can afford him - but tailored just for you, nudging you toward personal growth and professional glory. Sounds tempting, right?

Life coaches come in all flavors. There are motivational speakers who can fire up your inner zealot, certified life coaches who know the brain's nooks and crannies, and even celebrity life coaches who've helped stars align their chakras.

These aren’t your everyday superheroes. They're real people, some with decades of experience under their belts, others fresh with unique approaches that could very well be the secret sauce you’ve been missing.

For Example

Let’s say you’re a business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or a lost soul in the corporate world; perhaps a business coach with a hefty list of successful businesses in their portfolio could be your ticket to prosperity.

Or maybe you're all about personal development coaching - my specialty - or aiming for a holistic approach to spruce up every corner of your life.

That’s where names like Marie Forleo and Robin Sharma echo through the halls of fame, not just for their online courses but for their prowess in transforming ordinary folks into extraordinary doers.

And if you think life coaching is just about sitting in a comfy room talking about feelings, think again. Today’s list of top life coaches include a podcast host, a TEDx speaker, and a best-selling author who makes waves on social media platforms and across various fields.

They're the unsung heroes behind countless transformations, helping individuals navigate the tricky waters of life changes, career development, and even weight loss!

Famous Life Coaches and Ones To Watch

So what does it take to be a successful life coach? You don't need a master's degree or a best seller to be a prosperous coach. Let's take a look at some of the most well-known ones in the coaching industry.

famous life coaches tony robbins

Tony Robbins 

This charismatic powerhouse is not just a motivational speaker; he’s a catalyst for change. Tony’s dynamic presence and insightful seminars have propelled countless individuals and business leaders - including me - to achieve their fullest potential.

His infectious energy makes personal development almost addictive! I attended his Unleash The Power Within event in 2015 and it was electric!

Mel Robbins 

Famous for the "5 Second Rule," Mel combines a no-nonsense approach with relatable anecdotes, making her one of the best life coaches for sparking instant action.

Her method is brilliantly simple, yet profoundly effective for overcoming procrastination and fear. Side note: She isn't married or related to Tony.

Marie Forleo

A business coach with a magnetic personality, Marie helps entrepreneurs turn pipe dreams into profitable ventures.

Her B-School program has been a game-changer for many, blending marketing savvy with soulful advice.

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott

If life is a game, Chérie has the rulebook. Dubbed the “Mother of Coaching,” her deep insights into personal lives and professional development have guided many to clarity and success.

fil biggs

Fil Biggs

Never missing an opportunity for self-publication - obviously - Fil isn't afraid to refer to himself in 3rd person. With a friendly but direct coaching style, clients who work with Fil can expect to exceed their personal goals.

He's a certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation, published author, and keynote speaker.

Using his personal experience, he has helped hundreds of people with their personal and professional lives. Message here to organize a free consultation now!

Jack Canfield

As a co-creator of "Chicken Soup for the Soul," Jack’s approach is all about storytelling that resonates and transforms. He’s a master at unlocking the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Gabrielle Bernstein

Mixing modern spirituality with traditional coaching techniques, Gabrielle is a vibrant force in the realm of personal transformation. Her books and talks offer a fresh perspective on living a fulfilled life.

Louise Hay

The queen of affirmations, Louise’s teachings on self-love and healing continue to influence the realms of mental health and spiritual growth long after her time.

famous life coaches louise hay

Marisa Peer

Marisa’s unique approach to hypnotherapy and her development of Rapid Transformational Therapy has revolutionized therapy practices worldwide.

She empowers her clients to access their subconscious minds for significant impact.

Christine Hassler

Christine delivers heartfelt advice that tackles the core of personal challenges. Her comprehensive coaching practice makes her a favorite among those seeking deep transformation.

Jason Goldberg

With a blend of humor and wisdom, Jason turns coaching sessions into fun yet impactful experiences. His approach to leadership skills and personal growth is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

A profound thinker in the world of conscious parenting, Dr. Shefali’s work offers a transformative approach to family dynamics and personal development, resonating well beyond her sessions.

Robin Sharma

Famous for "The 5AM Club," Robin’s teachings on leadership and productivity are essential for anyone looking to excel in their professional lives without losing sight of personal fulfillment.

famous life coaches robin  sharma

Bob Proctor

A legend in the law of attraction and personal development, Bob’s teachings provide the blueprint for manifesting success and abundance in every aspect of life.

Alyssa Nobriga

As the CEO of the Institute of Coaching Mastery, Alyssa not only transforms lives through coaching but also empowers other coaches with her innovative certification program.

Lisa Haisha

Lisa’s global perspective and SoulBlazing method offer her clients a unique path to discovering their authentic selves, making her a truly international life coach.

Elizabeth King

Specializing in fertility and motherhood, Elizabeth offers compassionate support to women navigating some of life’s most challenging transitions.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise is the go-to coach for women looking to smash through financial glass ceilings with her revolutionary money mindset strategies.

Jen Sincero

Jen’s straightforward and edgy style makes personal finance and self-empowerment accessible to all. Her "You Are a Badass" books have cultivated a loyal following.

Eva Redpath

Eva’s focus on holistic health and wellness. She brings a fresh dynamic to life coaching, integrating physical well-being with emotional and mental health strategies.

Each of these coaches brings something special to the table, whether through their extensive experience, innovative methods, or passionate commitment to helping others achieve their dreams.

Their stories are as inspiring as their achievements, making them role models in both their professional and personal lives.

Special mention:

jim rohn

I also wanted to share Jim Rohn. He's not technically a life coach but his work has definitely changed lives - including mine.

Known as the business philosopher, Jim's lessons of life can be applied by most people. If you haven't come across his work before, I highly recommend you check it out.

It’s clear that each coach brings their unique flavor to the table. Famous life coaches are not inaccessible. Even if you can't meet them 1 on 1, their teachings are all available in other ways.

Whether you're a business owner, seeking a better work-life balance, or simply looking to make positive changes in your personal life, there's a coach out there who can guide you to your full potential.

As we've seen, these aren’t just coaches; they're best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, and even hosts on social media platforms.

They span different countries, each with their own specialized approach to fostering positive psychology and professional development.

Follow and Learn

Choosing to follow one - or even a few - can be a stepping stone to discovering new professional goals or deepening your understanding of your life purpose.

If you're intrigued by the idea of personal transformation, consider what specific goals you wish to achieve. Is it enhancing your relationship skills, advancing your business acumen, or navigating through personal challenges?

The right life coach can serve as a catalyst. Not just for achieving goals, but for reimagining what’s possible in your professional and personal lives.

Remember, the best life coaches offer more than just advice; they provide strategies tailored to help you navigate your unique state of affairs.

From consultations to extensive coaching programs, they're equipped to support you through significant life changes and everyday stresses.

So, as you consider the next steps in your journey, think about the benefits of life coaching. Reflect on how these role models have not only changed lives but also inspired countless others to live their best lives.

Who among them speaks to your needs? Whose books, talks, or courses could light your path? Not saying it's me, but hey, it could be. Send me a message here and we can chat about it.

Whether it's mastering stress management or exploring spiritual coaching, the right coach is out there, ready to help you transform your dreams into reality.

This post was all about famous life coaches.

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